Social Media

Social media management is dedicated for marketing departments and organizations to publish to social media platforms. Users can post to many social media platforms at once, respond to customer inquiries quickly, and work in teams without creating any duplication of efforts. Social media management has grown in recent years from purely offering publishing features to including social media monitoring and analytics integrations bundled into their products, though there are many standalone social media monitoring products on the market. Based on their own needs and budgets, clients should decide whether a broader marketing automation suite or a pure social media monitoring or analytics tool would better fit their needs.

Social Marketing

Amplify brand and community stories; reach customers by social profile and activity; optimize social ad campaigns in real-time
Add intelligent social share buttons to your campaigns and content; track who is sharing your content and driving conversions
Schedule automated posts to one or more social accounts; use or integrate with URL shortening services; and measure likes, comments, replies, and retweets
Social apps including polls, sweepstakes, and referral programs can enhance audience engagement on your website, landing pages, Facebook pages, and emails